Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and perhaps burnt out?

As women, our lives are busy! We often have multiple, dynamic and complex roles and find ourselves trying to juggle it all.

It may start with feeling misaligned, unable to focus on a simple task, feeling unfulfilled and even frustrated. Then before you know it you can find yourself in extreme overwhelm, feeling lost, frustrated and completely exhausted.

I want you to know that I've been there! And I've experienced the depths and darkness of burnout and overwhelm. But after embarking on my own health and happiness journey I uncovered an 9 step formula I now call The Health and Happiness Formula.

A formula designed for complete transformation, designed to completely overhaul your mindset, your daily habits, your old programs and behaviors AND your health and happiness.

The Health and Happiness Formula

A 12 week online and interactive program

Focused on helping you transform your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This formula is designed for lasting transformation on every level.

What does it include?

  • A Holistic Approach

    A step by step formula helping you create a balanced life by giving you the tools to create your dream life

  • 12 Week Self-Paced Program

    9 modules with videos and PDF workbooks for you to work through in your own time and at your own pace

  • Full support

    Fortnightly group zoom Q& A sessions in a supportive community environment.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Full access to the Private Facebook group where you can connect with other women, and ask questions. Michelle is inside the group Monday - Friday answering questions and providing support.

  • 1:1 Coaching Support

    Over 12 weeks you will have 3 x 1:1 coaching call where you will be supported to map out your goals and create an action plan of how you will achieve them.

Hi, I'm Michelle

RN & Wellness & Life Coach

With 23 years in the nursing profession and a young family of my own I found myself lost, overwhelmed and eventually burnt out. In 2018 after hitting rock bottom I found my way out, to where I am now living a life of freedom, ignited energy, and joy using this exact same formula that I now teach. A formula that has been tried and tested with so many women who have transformed their lives too.

The Health and Happiness Formula
"You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be healthy, and you deserve to live a life that you are excited about"

Through the Health and Happiness Formula you will learn ways to deal with stress, negativity and overwhelm.  You will learn how to release that constant feeling of exhaustion, feelings of not being good enough, and frustration. 

Instead you will create a life that is so empowering, that is beautifully balanced, where you feel joy, peace, positivity, where you feel so crystal clear and bursting with energy and love.

Thanks again for creating this amazing, empowering program!


I will be forever grateful that you put together this amazing course and all you do to support and lift-up all those around you. The lessons learnt and the support given throughout this course I will be eternally grateful for. Three other lessons I have learnt along the way are: Accept your past without regret Handle your present with confidence Face your future without fear Thanks again Michelle always shine bright my friend.

I’m feeling more relaxed, take each day as it comes and live in the moment.


I can’t thank Michelle enough for this program and actually brings me to tears thinking about it. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is feeling lost in themselves and uncertain of where they are heading. It has given me hope for the future. 😊❤️

Thanks for all your hard work and support.


You should be so proud of yourself for putting together this wonderful program that helps people live their best life. Thanks for all you do, it is very appreciated and I am going to take the lessons learned and consolidate throughout this course moving forward to continue to live my best life.

Challenging, valuable, true self developement


You will not regret this, it's the best investment in you - you could ever make. This course is not just for nurses, it's for anyone looking for something different and wanting to put the work in to achieve it. Thank you Michelle for offering this course, I will be forever grateful for what I have learnt through your program.

This course has changed my life!


I learnt how to thrive in my life again. So many amazing things have been happening in my life since I started this course and I am grateful I made that investment in myself. Michelle is such a beautiful life coach and I love her to bits.

Interested in the details?

Here's the full curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Introduction to the course

    • Welcome To The Health & Happiness Formula

  • 2

    Recognition and Acceptance

    • Module 1 Workbook - Recognition & Acceptance

    • Module 1 - Recognition and Acceptance Video

  • 3

    Finding you and loving yourself

    • Module 2 Workbook - Finding You & Loving Yourself

    • Module 2 - Finding you and loving yourself video

  • 4


    • Module 3 Workbook - Declutter

    • Module 3 - Declutter video

  • 5


    • Module 4 - Workbook Mindset

    • Module 4 - Mindset video

  • 6

    Daily Rituals

    • Module 5 -Daily Rituals Workbook

    • Module 5 -Daily Rituals Video

    • Daily Planner

    • Weekly Planner

    • Monthly Goals

  • 7

    Limiting Beliefs

    • Module 6 Workbook - Limiting Belifs

    • Limiting Beliefs video

  • 8

    Creating Work Life Balance

    • Module 7 Workbook - Creating Work Life Balance

    • Creating Work Life Balance Video

  • 9


    • Module 8 - Nourishment Workbook

    • Nourishment and High Vibe foods

  • 10


    • Module 9 - Intentionality

    • Module 9 - Intentionality Video

  • 11

    BONUS MODULE: Becoming A Badass Manifestor

    • Becoming A Badass Manifestor Introduction

    • Becoming A Badass Manifestor Video

    • Workbook

  • 12

    BONUS MODULE: Journaling For Personal Growth & Development

    • Journaling For Personal Growth & Development Masterclass


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Lifetime. As long as the course is available you have it.

  • Do you provide refunds?

    We offer a 30-day refund. You will need to show you completed 4 of the 8 modules and that this didn't help transform your mental and emotional well-being.

  • How can I get help?

    You have access to me and the other women in our private Facebook group, plus in our, Q&A calls where you will have full support and guidance.

Student Reviews


sarah shorter

I have just completed the mini course! I am truly astounded at the shift I have had in just one small week! I can totally recommend doing it if your feelin...

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I have just completed the mini course! I am truly astounded at the shift I have had in just one small week! I can totally recommend doing it if your feeling like you need a push. It was exactly what I needed. I never knew what spirituality was until this week! Thanks so much She’ll, can’t wait to do the next course with you and really Thrive! I’m feeling the best I have felt in a very long time ❤️

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Eye opening...Highly recommend !

Lisa Button

So many handy strategies and tips, I'm definitely going to implement... the activities were great and such an eye opener! I'm not one to meditate or visualis...

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So many handy strategies and tips, I'm definitely going to implement... the activities were great and such an eye opener! I'm not one to meditate or visualise but I'm really going to try this now! I can resonate with so many topics, Michelle really knows her stuff! Modules were easy to follow & understand, can't wait to have my call with her & pick her brain. Highly recommend this mini course as a kick start. 10/10

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You know there is another way, another life out there just waiting for you to truly live it!

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